Connor Ferguson Deane

Hi. I’m Connor Deane. For nearly 30 years, Orange has been my home. This town has been an anchor in my life, a constant that has kept me grounded in times of great challenge, like this past year, and in times of celebration and joy.

Orange has a rich history that we embrace and a vibrant future that we look forward to. It’s time for bold, new leadership as the next generation of leaders take their seat at the table. This town has instilled in me the value of hard work, the power of community, and the need to give back. That’s why I’m announcing today my candidacy for First Selectman of the Town of Orange.

Since 1959, the Ferguson family has called Orange home. My grandparents, Eileen and Bill, raised 5 children here. They opened one of the first hockey stores in the state of Connecticut on the Boston Post Road. I learned a thing or two from my grandparents and in 2014 I founded my own organization, Broadway Method Academy. As a small business owner, I bring perseverance, grit and leadership skills. As a millennial, I bring an open mindset and fresh new ideas. As an Orange native, I am humbled by the opportunity to serve our incredible community.

Communication. Economic Growth. Sustainability. These will be the three driving forces of our campaign.

Communication is essential for the efficient and collaborative management of Orange. Our residents deserve transparency and the ability to stay updated with what is happening in our town. They deserve to speak up and have their voices be heard. Too often politics require back-room dealings. That must end. This town belongs to all of us, not a select few, and there should be open communication between the local government and residents as well as accessible updates across a variety of platforms.

Economic growth. While it is true that several businesses currently thrive in Orange, the Post Road is in need of rebranding and our infrastructure needs to be addressed. Let’s improve our town aesthetic and look to our neighbors as a model for what can be. We need to reimagine what economic growth means, not just for the big-box retailers, but for small businesses. Let’s relieve some of the tax burden that is falling on residents and make sure leaders know Orange is a great place to do business.

Finally, sustainability. In Orange, we pride ourselves in our open space. We are a community that values this land and it is crucial that we preserve it for generations to come. Teaming up with both state and federal government, as well as the private sector to invest in clean energy, will not only be pivotal to the future of Orange, but will create jobs and tax revenue in the interim.

Some residents might be content with how Orange has run for the past 17 years. But we are emerging from one of the most challenging years in history and Orange as we know it will never be the same as it was before the pandemic. Join me during this time of change as we create a sustainable Orange, an Orange where everyone is informed and everyone’s voice is heard, an Orange with a thriving economy and community. It’s time for a new beginning. Let’s get to work!